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We will help your students acquire vocabulary, grammar, and reading comprehension skills to succeed in school and on standardized tests.  This program is an ideal approach to meet the The New York State mandate for Response to Intervention. With our mobile classroom materials and response methods teachers can focus on specific areas of grammar for highly targeted teaching or small group intervention.



Students Learn:

1. Word and sentence analysis skills
2. Transferable metacognitive strategies
3. Knowledge of antonyms and synonyms
4. Spelling and Phonetic skills
5. Foundational knowledge of classical etymology
6. Context clues to determine a word's meaning
7. How to use word-parts to understand words.


A Proven Multisensory Strategy

Sentence Smart and Word Builders equip students to succeed! The multisensory strategy helps students to think, speak, and write intelligently about the connections that create meaning within and between sentences.  Students are actively engaged through visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile modalities.  This makes learning an unforgettable and exciting experience for students.


Reading Comprehension Chart

Program Description

Sentence Smart and Word Builders equip students to turn words and sentences into tangible structures and parts which can be easily assembled, disassembled, and analyzed. Both programs cultivate a multisensory, interactive approach to reading comprehension. Suitable for whole class participation and small group intervention, our multi-sensory program is also ideal for English Language Learners, Special Needs Students, and any students who need intensive remediation in ELA. This program is VITAL -- offering Visual, Interactive, Thought-provoking, Associative Learning.

Our multisensory grammar component is called Sentence Smart since sentence comprehension is the key to reading comprehension. It consists of a grammar text, student workbooks, a magnetic board, movable magnetic labels, parts of speech, and question creation cards which help students to understand what they are reading by physically disassembling, analyzing, labeling, and reassembling sentences.  Sentence analysis is a key component of reading comprehension, as it equips students to understand how writers organize words and groups of words to create complete, coherent thoughts.

In our multisensory vocabulary modules, students learn how to assemble words and derive their meanings from their parts. Vocabulary performance relates strongly to reading comprehension. Research proves that students who perform well on vocabulary also perform well in reading comprehension. (See Chart above for more.)

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Rev. Brian Vieira

Rev. Brian Vieira is an award-winning educator who spent 13 years working as a teacher in the New York City public school system. His innovative methods, strong classroom discipline, and passion for teaching earned him recognition as well as the respect of peers and students. He received his B.A. from Emory University, and his M.A. from Brooklyn College. Rev.Vieira is the founder and CEO of ScholarSkills Learning Center and the founder and principal of ScholarSkills Christian Academy. ScholarSkills Christian Academy is a private church affiliated school serving grades 3-8. ScholarSkills Learning Center is an after school tutorial and test preparation program which helps students to get better grades and higher test scores. Founded in 2001, ScholarSkills is dedicated to helping students to build solid foundations in reading, writing, and math. Rev. Vieira is an English Language Arts consultant to schools, community groups, and parents. He and his staff provide professional development and multi-sensory instructional materials for those teaching special needs students, English Language Learners, and students whose test scores rank them in the school’s lowest third. Rev. Vieira’s continuous commitment to excellence is probably best summarized by a parent who recently said to him: “Happy Father's Day to a man who has mentored many...spiritually and educationally. May God continue to give you the strength and endurance to do this work for our children and our community.”

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ScholarSkills offers workshops and online training in the use of our vocabulary and grammar products. We teach instructors how to implement our multisensory system for differentiated instruction. For more information, please email us at

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